GPS Navigation BE-ON-ROAD


A comprehensive GPS navigation system based on OpenStreetMap




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GPS Navigation BE-ON-ROAD is a navigation application that lets you use the GPS on your Android and travel anywhere in the world, all without an Internet connection. How? Very easy, actually: you just have to download the maps you want before leaving home.

In the settings, you can not only download maps for all the US states and countries all over the world, but also choose from more than 30 different voices in Spanish, English, Bengali, Italian, etc.

Some other interesting features let you select a 3D building view, get notifications about speed limits for different locations, and even avoid speed traps (in some countries). Though this application is, by default, set up for travel by car, you can also use it on foot.

GPS Navigation BE-ON-ROAD is a comprehensive navigation application. With it, you can take advantage of your GPS on your Android even when you're not connected to the Internet.

Requires Android 2.1 or higher

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